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We drill every Friday at 7:00pm with the exception of the 2nd Friday, which is when we have our Meeting at 7:30pm. We also drill on the 2nd &3rd Mondays at 9:00am


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Fire Line
Chief  Thomas W Yager
1st Asst. Chief   Joshua Strauss
2nd Asst. Chief  Richard Rider
2nd Asst. Chief   Corey Mamot
Captain   Andrew Hoadley
Captain   Jeremiah Gersitz
Lieutenant  John Bialecki
Lieutenant   Open
FAST Captain    Thomas Rider
FAST Lieutenant     Dan Kepple
Saftey Officer         Paul Rumschik
Fire Police Captain    Don Martin
Fire Prevention Captain    Scott Kenney
Fire Prevention Lieutenant   Andrew Giambrone

Fire Company
Executive Board
President    William Yager
Vice President   Jordan Goetz
Treasurer   Robert D Lundquist
Secretary   Shannon Carter
Chairman of Trustees  Patrick Talmon
Warden   James McGee
Chaplain   Don Martin
Trustee   Marya Kepple
Trustee   Corey Mamot
Trustee  Anthony Marno
Trustee   Jake Schuck
Trustee   Dan Kepple
Trustee   Richard Rider

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